Description & Tasting Notes 

Cornichons are small, tart pickles made from tiny cucumbers known as gherkins. Pickled in a signature mix of vinegar and aromatics including tarragon, cloves, baby onions, and mustard seeds, Maille Cornichons are crunchy and packed with flavor.

Maille Cornichons are produced according to time-honored French tradition according to a rigorous production process. Hand picked at exactly the right size, they are immediately prepared and packaged the same day, to ensure optimal quality and freshness. Once weighed and packed, the cornichons are bathed in a warm, vinegar-based, aromatized recipe, which ensures their crunchy texture, delicious taste, and deep green color. 


Serving Suggestions

Maille Cornichons - Packaged with an ingenious pickle-lifter for neat and easy serving

Petite-sized, Maille Cornichons can be served whole or easily sliced in rounds or lengthwise, thanks to their firm texture. They are an ideal accompaniment for country paté, cold cuts, cheese plates, savory appetizers, salads, and sandwiches.  Maille Cornichons add a note of originality and French flair to a classic potato or macaroni salad or can be eaten alone as a cocktail snack. 

(pictured) Maille Cornichons packaged with an ingenious pickle-lifter for neat and easy serving.


Nutritional Information

• Ingredients: gherkin pickles, vinegar, aromatic herbs & spices (onions, mustard seeds, coriander), salt, natural flavor, sulfites.

• Calories: 5 calories per serving (7 cornichons).

• Contains: sulfites.

• Fish and shellfish-free, egg-free, peanut-free, soy-free, milk-free.

• Refrigerate after opening.



•  Jar (14 oz / 375 ml)