Rich Country Dijon Mustard

Maille Mustard


Description & Tasting Notes 

Maille Rich Country Dijon Mustard is an original variation on classic Dijon Mustard, thanks to a secret recipe that includes white wine, cinnamon and ginger. It has a remarkably creamy, mayo-like texture, with flecks of brown mustard seeds; a spicy mustard kick; and enticing flavor from the addition of the white wine. It’s a top-selling variety in France, where it’s known as “Fins Gourmets”.


Serving Suggestions

Maille Rich Country Dijon Mustard is the perfect accompaniment for white meats and fish, and makes a fantastic salad dressing. When preparing quiche or other savory tarts, brush Maille Rich Country Dijon Mustard on the crust before adding the filling for extra flavor, or mix it with sour cream and add to mashed potatoes for a delicious side dish.


Nutritional Information

• Ingredients: water, vegetable oil (sunflower and/or canola), mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, citric acid, white wine, modified potato starch, spices (contains celery, turmeric), mustard flour, and xanthan gum.

• Calories: 20 calories per serving (1 tsp).

• Contains: celery, sulfites.

• Nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free, fish and shellfish-free.

• Refrigerate after opening.



•  Jar (7 oz / 200 ml)